White night in black and white


White night in black and white

Valletta’s Notte Bianca.  An annual event held towards the end of September.  A special event when the city comes to life at night.  A welcome and popular shot of urban regeneration for a town that had lost its will to remain alive after dark.

Open doors, shops, concerts, theatre, displays, food and more food.  A crowd magnet showcasing a great city in its nocturnal magnificence.  A photographic negative of day to day routine where life in the daylight flips to its night-time equivalent.

I always make it a point to visit.  Crossing Marsamxett Harbour by ferry and winding my way up through the side streets.

And avoiding the crowds.  Enjoying the event’s periphery.  An invitingly-open chapel with no one inside; the still waters of Grand Harbour; a deserted lower St. Paul’s Street; climbing the steps from East Street to St. Ursula Street.  A private viewing rather than drifting with the masses.

And an occasion to take some great photos of a unique city lit up for a special night.



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