Filmed in Glorious Technicolor

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Filmed in Glorious Technicolor

This is how the epic films of my childhood were advertised.  The promise of a feast of surreal, saturated colours, enhanced beyond reality, aimed at projecting a larger-than-life, make-believe world to the expectant audience.

So it was.  Skies and oceans of an unbelievable deep blue, green lawns and forests which made the Amazon look anaemic by comparison and yellow desert sands the colour of egg yolks.

A process made possible through the use of complex camera equipment and expensive laboratory processing.  Not reserved for real life but for Hollywood epics.

And that is how I thought it would be forever, until I chanced upon the perfect light for the picture above.  A picture showing the clay slopes of il-Karraba descend into the sea on the thin strip of land separating Gnejna Bay ( from Ghajn Tuffieha Bay (  Taken using the most unsophisticated of entry-level digital cameras with only the most basic of processing.

Filmed in Glorious Technicolor!  The contrasting shades of clay sloping to the sea.  The reddish sand at the foot of the slopes, diffusing into greens and blues as the shelving beach gently deepens.  The undulating shadows of posidonia seaweed deposits, shifting with the swell as they slowly drift towards the shore.

Natural art forms which change from day to day and hour to hour.  A picture I count as a favourite and feel obliged to share.


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