My dream countryside retreat

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My dream countryside retreat

Some dream of huge estates while others wish for spacious villas with pools.

But I dream of a small room in a hidden Maltese valley, a farmer’s humble ghorfa built with solid blocks of stone with a single doorway and a window or two to let the light in.  The beautiful simplicity of vernacular rural architecture with the structure built of rock hewn from the very land: as if growing out of it.

My dream contemplates cosy winter evenings and cool summer nights inside this simple structure where the art and the artifacts come from nature itself.  Not only visual but pertaining to all the senses.  The smell of wild thyme and ripening figs, the sound of water draining down the valley and the wind rushing through the tall reeds along the watercourse, the sweet taste of prickly pears or carob pods picked fresh.  The rough touch of stone walls and the magical sight of dragonflies darting around like aircraft in a dizzy dogfight.  The constantly changing colours of the landscape: from baked dry in summer to a riot of flowers in the spring with the omnipresent sea dominating the horizon.

A place where neither electricity nor communication are considered necessary and where a sense of timelessness is achieved just by immersing oneself into a magic world.

Not an impossible dream and so beautiful in its simplicity……..


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