The island that fits in an aircraft window

DSC00422_tonemapped pixlr signed lores

The island that fits in an aircraft window

Gozo.  The diamond of the central Mediterranean, as the old Tramps’ song goes. (  Nearly oval in shape, emerging almost magically out of the deep blue sea surrounding it.

An island of hills, cliffs and valleys; much greener than its larger sister Malta due to the water retaining qualities of its impervious clay layer.  The island where the oldest stone man-made structure in the world is to be found.

Home to 24,000 souls with their own dialect, culture and cuisine, Gozo is an island of immense beauty and diversity.  A place unknown to most but beloved by those who chance upon it.

It is an island with a bustling town as a capital, beautiful hilltop villages with houses snuggling around glorious churches, high terraced hills growing out of snaking valleys, sheer cliffs seemingly cut by a knife and beautiful beaches both rocky and sandy.  An island where distance is not an issue but where you can still find total detachment from humanity and its mad hustle and bustle.

And in spite of all of this: an island which is compact enough to fit entirely into an aircraft window as evidenced by this photo I managed to take last week on my flight back home from a frozen Berlin.


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