A dog’s life

valletta dog signed

A dog’s life

Two photos, two dogs, two islands.

City dog and country dog, both enjoying life.  The first calmly observing the world go by in a Valletta balcony overlooking Grand Harbour, the second most probably sniffing something interesting on the shore at the Mgarr ix-Xini inlet on Gozo.

In the first photo I love the ornate wrought iron balcony railing, the beautifully seasoned stone blocks with their reddish patina, the succulents growing out of the hanging pots.  The door lying loosely ajar leading into what is undoubtedly a room with a great view in one of Valletta’s most beautiful locations, St. Barbara Bastions.


The second photo shows a completely different setting.  Whereas the first is a completely man-made environment, the second is totally natural.  A place where a huge rainwater-carved valley drains into the sea.  Where the fresh water flow probably dilutes the salinity of the seawater to the extent that it becomes potable, inviting the second dog for a welcome drink.

Two dogs, two opposite aspects of life in a small Mediterranean island group: the charming sophistication of a four hundred year old city; the “city built by gentlemen for gentlemen” in the immortal words of Disraeli and the wild beauty of a tiny beach where land and sea interact in a constantly shifting boundary and where one can seek and find solitude far from the maddening crowd.


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