Welcome to my Photoblog

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Welcome to my Photoblog.

A Photoblog about my island home: Malta

Malta, a thimbleful of rocky islands in the central Mediterranean, 100 kms south of Sicily, 300 kms north of Africa.

300 square kilometres in a group of seven islands three of which are inhabited.  420,000 people call this small country home.

An archipelago of honey coloured limestone rising out of the cobalt blue Mediterranean, a place boasting six millennia of unbroken human activity, a location which surprises through its Lilliputian complexity.

Join me on this trip where I shall be primarily using the medium of photography coupled with short write-ups to present different facets of Malta and its islands.  And give me your feedback if possible.

For my first photo I have chosen an aerial shot I took while on a departing flight from about 7,000 feet altitude.  The foreground shows the northern tip of mainland Malta with the islands of Comino and Cominotto in the centre and the south-easternmost tip of  the island of Gozo in the background.  This is a very undeveloped part of the archipelago and is mostly famous for its beaches and its unspoilt countryside consisting of exposed ridges and sheltered, fertile valleys.

More tomorrow!



One thought on “Welcome to my Photoblog

  1. Well done for this effort with such detail and rich in information ; a truely proud ambassador of our country with so much to offer!

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