Not quite Dover!



The white cliffs of Gozo rising sheer out of the blue Mediterranean seen from the high ground at L-Imtahleb on the north west coast of Malta from near the village of Bahrija.  Similar to their famous white counterparts on the English Channel they are composed of calcium carbonate limestone, comprising the fossilised sediments of billions upon billions of marine organisms deposited on the ancient seafloor between 20 million and 40 million years ago until the pressure of the African Plate pressing into the European Plate thrust them above sea level.

Although the Dingli Cliffs on Malta rise to almost twice the height of the Gozo cliffs, they are not as majestic in that they are not as sheer.  The island of Gozo lies to the north west of Malta and is separated by a narrow channel some five kilometres wide in which nestle the small islands of Comino and Cominotto.


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